Policy Index

GA - Hiring Of Personnel
GAA - Employee Code Of Conduct
GAB - Police Information Checks
GB - Occupational Health and Safety
GBD - First Aid Training
GBL - Personnel Records
GBN - Recognition of Employee Service
GBO - Death of Employee or Student
GC - Superintendent of Schools
GCAA - Central Office Administrators
GCAD - School Principals
GCBC - LAPP Membership
GCE - Substitute Teachers
GCK - Staff Allocation
GCKB - School Staff Meetings
GCL - Staff Learning
GCM - Professional Growth Planning
GCMA - Staff Supervision
GCN - Teacher Summative Evaluation
GCNN - Evaluation of Administrators
GCNO - Family School Liaison Program Employee Evaluation
GCPA - Professional Teacher Reduction
GDB - School Support Staff
GDN - Evaluation Of Support Staff (Evaluations Below)

GFA - Volunteers

GH - Substitute Support Staff
GK - Sales Personnel On School Premises

HC - School Year
HCBA - Alternative School Week/Year Structure
HD - School Day
HG - Citizenship in a Digital Age   

HGAA - Locally Developed Courses
HGAB - Planning for Instruction
HGAC - Religious Instruction
HGADA - Off Campus Education
HGAE - Religion And Human Sexuality
HGB - Inclusive Learning
HGBG - Home Education
HGBH - Outreach School Programs
HGBHA - Alternative Programs
HGBJ - Early Childhood Services
HIAE - Fees
HIB - Copyright
HIC - Extra Curricular Activities
HICA - Off-Site Activities

HK - Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
HKA - Student Placement And Promotion
HKF - High School Graduation Ceremonies
HLBA - Course Challenge
HNA - Lords Prayer
HNB - Controversial Issues in the Classroom
HND - Remembrance Day
HNG - Animals in Schools
HNI - Use of Visual Media in the Classroom

BHD Trustee Mileage Claim Form
BHD Trustee PD Expense Claim Form
EBAC Attach A Public Requesting Info
EBAC Attach B Audio Video Recording Log Form
EEA - Student Transportation Request
EEACAA Attach A Parent Responsibility For Student Transportation for School Sponsored Events
EEACAA Attach B Volunteer Auto Driver Authorization Form
EEACAC School Purchased Vehicle Documentation
GAB Self-Declaration Of A Criminal Record -Vulnerable Sector Check
GFA  - Attachment A - Volunteer Registration Form
GFA - Attachment B - Criminal Record Check
GFA - Attachment C - Volunteer Reference Check Form

HGAE Notice Of Alberta Human Rights Act Form
HGAE Student Exemption From Course Or Program Of Studies Form
HICA Attachment C - Principal Approved Field Trip Form
HICA Attachment C2 - Principal Approval Form: PE, Recess/Lunch/Intramural
HICA Attachment C3 - Principal Approval Form: Extra-Curricular Sports
HICA Attachment D Superintendent Approved Field Trip Form
HICA Attachment E - Teacher Leader Qualifications Assessment Form
HICA Attachment F - Parent Guardian Risk Acknowledgement Form
HICA Attachment G - Volunteer Consent Form
HICA Attachment H - Volunteer Medical Information Form
HICA Attachment I - International field Trip Planning Guide - Superintendent Approved
HICA Attachment I2 - International Travel Parent/Guardian & Staff Consent Form
HLBA Course Challenge Form
HNA Notice Of Human Rights Act Form
HNA Student Exemption Form
IC Transportation Request Form 
IFGA Interrogation Search Of Students Form (Attachment A)
IFGA Student Search Report Form (Attachment C)
IGAA Attachment A Physical Intervention Incident Report
IHCE Student Accident Report Form
IHEB Interrogation Search Of Students Form (Attachment A)
IHEB Report To Child Intervention Services (Attachment B)
IO Release Of Student Record
JG Community Use of Facilities
JFCH Medical Management Form (Attachment 2)