Board of Trustees

The Board is a corporate body charged with the responsibility of providing educational services to each student enrolled int he division. The powers of the Board may only be exercised by the Board in a duly constituted meeting, unless delegated by means of Board policy or resolution.


The Board will fulfill its responsibilities by the performance of the legislative, judicial and accountability functions:


The legislative function is performed by formulation and adoption of all policies and regulations necessary to:

  • develop a school based management system which allows for community involvement and participation in schools;
  • develop divisional education/business plans; and
  • develop effective communication with all stakeholders.


The judicial function is performed by delegating to the Superintendent, who has been appointed by the Board, the responsibility and authority to implement the policies and regulations formed and adopted by the Board. Pursuant to the "School Act", the Board is responsible for the following:

  • making by- laws;
  • closing a school or building;
  • requisitioning a municipality;
  • suspending a teacher or delegating the authority to suspend to the Superintendent through Board motion.
  • terminating a teacher or delegating the authority to terminate to the Superintendent through Board motion.
  • reviewing a teacher transfer appeal; and
  • those responsibilities clearly specified in policy.


The accountability function is performed by the Board regularly reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of its policies and regulations, and initiating required changes for improvement. Formal evaluation programs and community discussions and communication shall be an integral part of the accountability function