Transportation Requests

Student Transportation

Transporting Students for the 2023-24 School Year

Horizon School Division is responsible for transporting Eligible Bus Students to their Designated School as per the Education Act and Student Transportation Regulation. 

Eligible Bus Students

  • K-6 students who reside 1.0 km or more away from their designated school
  • 7-12 students who reside 2.0 km or more away from their designated school

Designated School

  • The school The Board of Trustees directs a student to attend based on the students' residence and The Board's attendance area (boundary)

Students will be assigned to transportation if they meet the criteria for eligible and designated. All eligible and designated students will be assigned by September 15 dependent on registration date. 

Parents are responsible to request transportation for their children if they do not meet the criteria. Ineligible students will be prioritized by date received. The Transportation Coordinator will begin assigning ineligible and non-designated students after September 15 if there is available space on the bus. 

  • Please ensure that addresses and phone numbers are correct and kept up to date