Staff Directory

Superintendent’s Office

Dr. Wilco Tymensen


Sheila Laqua

Executive Assistant

Programs and Human Services

Robbie Charlebois

Assistant Superintendent of Human Services

Benita Peters

Low German Mennonite Consultant

Lisa Sowinski

Indigenous Liaison

Garth Mouland

Career Counsellor

Kristin Bodnar

Career Counsellor

Human Resources

Deanna Killinger

Human Resources Coordinator

LeAn Sorensen

Payroll & Personnel

Learner Services

Amber Darroch

Associate Superintendent - Learner Services

Shea Mellow

Instructional Coach

Inclusive Education

Terri-Lynn Duncan

Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services

Andra Johnson

Supervisor of Early Learning

Elisha Boulay

Secretary of Learner Services

Laura Elliott

Behaviour Consultant

JoAnn Hill

Speech Language Pathologist


Jim Steed

Network Administrator

Peter Nwisi

Tech Support Specialist

Adem Omar

Network Administrator

Family School Liaison Program

Anglea Miller

Clinical Team Lead

Rylee Beland

Family Connections Project Coordinator

Finance and Operations

Philip Johansen

Associate Superintendent

Tenille Miller

Transportation Coordinator

Dorthea Mills



Kendall Olsen

Director of Finance

Diane Dongworth

Accounts Payable


Jake Heide

Facilities Manager

Jessica McIntosh

Maintenance Secretary