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Lisa Sowinski

Indigenous Liaison

Phone: (403) 360-1346

Lisa was born and raised in Taber and currently resides in Taber. She has two grown sons that she loves to spend time with. Family and friends are always a big part of Lisa’s life and she bring joy and laughter to those around her.

With a background In personal care, Lisa made the transition to FMNI worker six years ago. It was her passion to help families and students that led her to this role. Lisa has become more involved in the aboriginal culture and likes to provide these opportunities to her students and families through a variety of ways. The FMNI students have attended aboriginal job fairs, conferences and personal coaching on secondary career choices. Other hands on opportunities have included dream catchers, feather weaving, bannock making and smudging.  Lisa feels a deep connection to her students and wants to see them be successful.

Lisa’s belief is that every person is created self-confident and want to live life fully is evident in her daily work and interactions with students and families. She is kind to all and her students benefit from her devotion to them.