The Family School Liaison Program is made up of eight Family School Liaison Counsellors (FSLC), two Child and Youth Care Workers (CYCW), one Clinical Team Leader, and one Family Connections Program Manager. The counselling services provided by the program are free of charge and are provided to students and their families within the Horizon School Division. The program is designed to offer support for children, youth, families and school staff with the general goal of improving the student's personal, social and academic success. The program provides a link between home and school for the student and family.

Meet Our Team

Family School Liaison Counselling

The FSLC's provide individual counselling in various areas including peer/friendship issues, self-esteem, anger management, conflict resolutions, mentoring/positive role modeling, organizational and motivational checks, homework skills, attendance issues, behavior modification, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, violence, abuse, divorce, and many more. They also provide group counselling, classroom presentations, parent/school staff workshops, and connection and referral to community agencies. The Family School Liaison Program  offers a peer mentorship program called Stepping Stones at various schools throughout the division. Take a Step in the Right Direction...Become a Peer Mentor!  Click here for more information on our Stepping Stones Peer Mentorship Program.

Horizon School Division is thrilled to announce the employment of two Child and Youth Care workers joining the Family School Liaison Programs counselling team. Jaime Porteous studied addictions counselling and is passionate about the connection between the emotional and physical self. Jaime is serving Vauxhall High School, Vauxhall Elementary and MAP. Reanne Braun recently graduated from the Faculty of Social Work with the University of Calgary. Reanne is invested in helping others discover their innate value and worth. She will be serving W.R. Myers High School.

Returning to the Family School Liaison Programs counselling team is Angela Miller, Clinical Team Leader. Glenn Jankowiak (Family School Liaison Counsellor (FSLC)), serving Taber Christian, Taber Christian High School and Dr. Hamman. Jenn Hengeveld (FSLC), serving Central School and Taber Mennonite School. Kimberley Wasylowich (FSLC), serving W.R. Myers. Linda Yamamoto (FSLC), serving D.A. Ferguson. Hollie Kimmins (FSLC), serving L.T. Westlake, Vauxhall Elementary and Chamberlain. Joel Blake (FSLC), serving Vauxhall High School, MAP, and ACE Place. Amy Davis (FSLC), serving Milk River Elementary, Erle Rivers High School and Warner. Tara Odland (FSLC), serving Lomond, Enchant, Hays and Barnwell.

Accessing Support from the FSLCs: The Counselling Process

Family Connections

From left to right: Amanda Andrew, Hailey Astalos, Angela Miller, Alysha Richards-Jacobsen, Rylee Beland, Chelsea Van Husen, Collin Larsen, and Gretchen Bourassa
From left to right: Amanda Andrew, Hailey Astalos, Angela Miller, Alysha Richards-Jacobsen, Rylee Beland, Chelsea Van Husen, Collin Larsen, and Gretchen Bourassa

Family Connections is one of 37 Mental Health Capacity Building projects in Alberta. This project operates under the umbrella of the Horizon School Division Family School Liaison Program.

Family Connections provides promotion, prevention, and early intervention programming which encourages emotional and physical wellness for children and their families.  We serve ACE Place Learning Centre, Barnwell School, Central Elementary School, Chamberlain School, D.A. Ferguson Middle School, Dr. Hamman, Enchant School, Erle Rivers High School, Hays School, Horizon MAP, Lomond School, L.T. Westlake, Milk River Elementary, Vauxhall Elementary School, Vauxhall High School and Warner School.


Families, schools and community working together to strengthen students and their families, increasing the resiliency and success of all children.


  • To increase awareness of healthy behaviors in children, youth and families.
  • To increase knowledge and awareness in order to create a healthy environment for the mental, emotional, and physical health of children, youth, and families.
  • To improve access for families to services in Taber and rural communities.
  • To increase collaboration, problem solving and teamwork between schools, our partners and the community.
  • To promote health and wellness in our schools and community in collaboration with the Family School Liaison Counsellors and Child and Youth Care Workers.

Horizon School Division is excited to announce the recruitment of four new members to the Family School Liaison Programs, Family Connections Mental Health Capacity Building team. Collin Larsen joined our team last year to complete his practicum for the Child and Youth Care Program and has decided to become a permanent member. He will be serving Central and L.T. Westlake in Taber. Tricia VanVaerenbergh is a recent Bachelor of Health Science graduate with the University of Lethbridge, serving D.A. Ferguson Middle school. Mariann Bierman is a social worker dedicated to promotion of health and wellness that will be serving our north schools, Enchant, Hays and Lomond. Living in the area and having worked with families in her position with Alberta Health Services, Darlene Fleming is a well known name for our south schools, Milk River Elementary, Erle Rivers High School and Warner. Justin Tams, a recent Bachelor of Social Work graduate with the University of Calgary will be serving Barnwell and ACE Place.

Returning to the Family Connections Mental Health Capacity Building team is Amanda Andrews. Amanda joined Horizon December 2019 to serve Chamberlain, Vauxhall Elementary, Vauxhall High School and MAP. Kari Manser is in her 4th year, serving Dr. Hamman, Taber Christain and Taber Christain High School. Rylee Beland is returning to the position of Program Manager in her 5th year with Horizon School Division. And finally, Angela Miller is returning for her 10th year with Horizon as Clinical Team Leader for the Family School Liaison Program housing the Family Connections Mental Health Capacity Building Team.