Meet Our Team

Family School Liaison Counselling

Angela Miller

Clinical Team Lead

Joel Blake

Counsellor - VHS, Horizon MAP, and ACE Place

Reanne Braun

Family School Liaison Counsellor - Milk River, Erle Rivers, and Warner School

Jennifer Hengevold

Counsellor - Central, Taber Mennonite School

Glenn Jankowiak

Counsellor - Dr Hamman, Taber Christian, and Taber Christian High School

Hollie Kimmins

Counsellor at Vauxhall Elementary, LT Westlake, Chamberlain, and ATL

Tara Odland

Counsellor - Barnwell, Enchant, Lomond, Hays

Kimberley Wasylowich

Counsellor - WR Myers

Linda Yamamoto

Counsellor - DA Ferguson

Adrienne Harris

Child & Youth Care Worker - W.R. Myers High School and Enchant School

Family Connections

Collin Larsen

Family Connections Program manager

Amanda Andrew

Wellness Coach - Enchant, Hays, Chamberlain, and Arden T. Litt

Hailey Astalos

Wellness Coach - Barnwell and ACE Place Learning Centre

Gretchen Bourassa

Wellness Coach - Vauxhall Elementary, Vauxhall High, MAP School, and Lomond

Jody Platt

Wellness Coach - Taber Christian, Taber Christian High, and D.R. Hamman

Alysha Richards-Jacobsen

Wellness Coach - Milk River Elementary, Erle Rivers High, and Warner

Chelsea Van Husen

Wellness Coach - D.A. Ferguson, Taber Mennonite, and W.R. Myers