Early Childhood Development Resources

The links below will take you to a series of activities which are fun and focus on an area of development. I would suggest you try to choose at least one activity from each of the main areas of development each day. If you have any questions about any of these activities, feel free to email

Area of development


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Language & Communication 

Developing strong oral language and communication skills helps prepare children for learning to read and write. 

Articulation, expressive language and receptive language skills. Resource links from our speech language pathologists.



Speech & Language 

Fine Motor
(small motor muscles in finger, hands, and forearms)

Having many experiences playing and building with small items, crayons or pencils helps develop both hand-eye coordination as well as the skills for printing. 


Games & Activities

Gross motor
(large muscle and motor development)

Providing opportunities for children to develop large motor skills benefits their overall health, cognitive ability, and confidence.

Outdoor play

Movement & Dancing -Music

Cognitive & problem solving skills (thinking and learning)

Allowing children to discover how things work and explore activities helps them to be creative, flexible and fosters their curiosity. When children struggle a bit to solve a problem it builds their confidence and independence. 


Sensory play

Games & Activities

Outdoor play

Social interaction & emotional regulation (ability to calm down when angry or over excited)

Learning to take turns and cooperate with others helps develop a child’s social skills for the rest of their life. With a variety of play experiences and a supportive adult, children are better able to learn to self regulate. 

Games & Activities

Sensory play


Provincial and National Early Childhood Initiatives

New Learn AB

Alberta Resources Centre for Quality Enhancement Resources (ARCQUE)

My Health Alberta

CMEC Statement on Play