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October 25 is World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Day

2023 Theme: "Accessibility For All"

Our vision is to create an inclusive society that ensures the human rights of persons with spina bifida and hydrocephalus (SBH) are respected, and their contributions are celebrated across all aspects of life while striving for equality at every level and for every individual.

The UNCRPD represents a major milestone in the continued advancement of the rights of persons with disabilities. The convention outlines the human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with disabilities and the obligations of States Parties to the UNCRPD to advance and protect those rights.

Accessibility and inclusion present frequent challenges for individuals with SBH. Stigma, discrimination, and a lack of awareness create additional barriers to full participation in life's opportunities.

Ensuring accessibility is of paramount importance for the spina bifida and hydrocephalus community. Accessible environments, adequate healthcare, social services, and opportunities empower individuals with SBH to fully participate in society, realize their potential, and lead fulfilling lives. When accessibility is prioritized, barriers that hinder inclusion are dismantled, fostering a more equitable and compassionate world where every individual can thrive and be recognized for their invaluable contributions.

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