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Budget 2023-2024

BUDGET 2023 – 2024
On May 30, 2023 the board of trustees of the Horizon School Division approved the operating budget for the 2023 – 2024 school year. This budget indicates total revenue of $51,564,673. This is an increase in total revenue of 8% over the previous year’s budget, with 96.6% of all revenue being sourced directly from the Government of Alberta. The additional revenue has been used to support an additional 11 students, add 2.75 full-time equivalent teachers and approximately 18 full-time equivalent classroom assistants, enhance transportation services, increase school operating budgets and address the requirements of the division’s collective agreements.

Expenditures totalling $51,616,056 were approved, leaving a small deficit of $51,383. This deficit is the result of a non-cash allowance for the future remediation of hazardous materials. The remediation of these materials is normally funded by Alberta Education when a building is modernized. The operating budget is balanced with the revenue that will be received.

This year’s budget allows a continuation of the board’s three strategic priorities: (1) quality teaching and optimum learning, (2) response to instruction, and (3) wellness and well-being states Marie Logan, Board Chair. The budget continues to fund support services that have benefitted students in our schools, such as counselling, mental health coaching, speech language intervention, career counselling, English language learner supports, and assistants to support students with complex needs. Our schools also enjoy an average class size of 16.87 students per teacher, one of the smallest in the province. While classroom complexity is a reality in today’s schools, the budget allows staff to continue offering quality programming and excellent instruction to students.

Budget Report 2023-2024 can be read here.