Adventures in a High School Reading Workshop blog. A High School English Teacher who has taught for the past 18 years and has changed her way of teaching this year to incorporate Readers Workshop

Comprehensive Literacy Guides K-6 On behalf of ARPDC,  a large cohort of literacy leaders from the greater Edmonton area (ERLC) collaboratively developed a series of Elementary Literacy Guides in 2016-17 to support teachers, administrators, learning coaches and other educational staff. These eleven learning guides provide a foundational understanding of the key components of elementary literacy instruction.

Every ATA member is eligible to join one of the specialist councils for free. The English Language Arts Council informs Alberta teachers about local initiatives and resources, enables professional networks, and hosts an annual provincial conference each fall.

Great sites for free books online to work with a student or for students to read on their own using iPads/Chromebooks or the classroom Smart Board. or

Known previously as the International Reading Association (IRA), the International Literacy Association is a clearinghouse for best practice for promoting literacy with all learners across all subject areas. Browse educational research, lesson plans, and teacher resources.

Fountas and Pinnell Literacy (Elevating Teacher Expertise A blog created and added to every month on Fountas and Pinnell Literacy ideas. 

Jan Richardson is an author and educator who has compiled a host of resources in Word, Excel or PDF format across all elements of literacy instruction. Downloads are organized by category and available here:

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE, American) is a source for all kinds of English and literacy tools for teachers. Browse by level or check out articles related to your interests or professional learning needs.

The SECRET STORIES® is a multi-modal, brain-based teaching ‘bag-of-tricks’ that transforms the reading and writing abilities of primary and struggling, intermediate grade learners. Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means, the SECRET STORIES® activates every learning channel and personally connect learners to the skills.

Kidblog is a great site to set up a reading blog with your students. It's easy and free and works for K-12 students!

ePals is a place where teachers can create on-line partnerships so that sthudents can connect with another student who is the same age and suggest and discuss their favourite reads. Over 200 different countries participate on ePals.

GuysLitWireA literature review for boys books, a resource for teachers where you can find book recommendations, downloadable audiobooks, comic books, and comic book reviews. 

National Geographic blog is a great place for students to read reviews on non-fiction material. There are videos, games and interesting facts about animals.

The Spaghetti Book Club A place where students write and share book reviews, but they can even draw a picture of the book and include it with their review. 

Scholastic has a site for students to read what other students have said about books but they can also post their own book reviews as well.

The Stacks created by Scholastic for kids to create their own avatar and collect and challenge players on the number of books they have read. This site also features different genres and reading levels for kids to look at to create interest in reading a book.

Summer Reading Program- Here kids can sign up for a summer reading challenge and have a place to keep track of what they are reading.

Decoding is the ability to correctly decipher and identify a word from a string of letters. Students who struggle with decoding are at a disadvantage, but explicit instruction can help them learn this skill.

6 Excellent Free Sites to Practice Reading Comprehension

Ontario Ministery of Education: There are many excellent resources for teachers and students in terms of literacy and numeracy.