Low German Mennonite Resources

Resources for Low German Mennonite Community During COVID-19

Please click the link below to visit the Google Site housing Resources for the Low-German Mennonite Community during COVID-19.  This is a product of the Low German Community Resource Inventory Committee.  Thank you to all those who worked so quickly to help populate this inventory with such useful resources.




If you hover over the PDF on the website, there is a button that will appear on the top right corner of the document that you can use to “pop-out” and make the PDF larger.


Please check back often as information is being added as it's becoming available. 

Playgrounds are Closed

Please watch this video about the playgrounds in Taber being closed.

All Horizon School Division Playgrounds are closed until further notice. Keeping your children away from playgrounds will help to stop the spread of COVID-19.