Instructions for writing diplomas or exams on a Chromebook or PC

Please click here to read how to setup exams for a Chromebook or PC

Adding Horizon Security Certificate

If you are using a personal device, such as a laptop or ipad, you will need to download our security certificate to avoid problems when accessing various websites.  The document with instructions for different operating systems can be found by clicking here.

SMART Notebook Home Use

All staff members of Horizon School Division have access to install the SMART notebook software on their personal home computers if desired.  Once installed, just make sure to sign into the software using your Horizon Gmail account and password.  Click here for the instructions on how to install the software.

Adobe Software Home Use

All Horizon School Division Staff and Students have the ability to install many Adobe sotware packages onto their personal home devices.  It is important to first install the Adobe CC Desktop App.  When this app opens, you then sign into the app using your Horizon Gmail account and password.  Once signed in, all the apps you have access to will appear and will be ready for download.  Click here for instructions.

How to Google Cast for Education

Click here for instructions on how to install and cast to an education receiver

How to Power Wash Chromebooks

Occasionally your Chromebook will not operate as you think it should.  Often, a power wash will correct these issues.  Please note that in the instructions there is a line that asks you to enroll using  Make sure to substitute your own school initials for this instruction.  Click here for instructions to power wash.

How to add a printer to your computer

Click here for instructions on removing and adding new printers

How to use Remote Desktop

Horizon staff members have the ability to access their work from home if desired.  Click here for instructions.