The following list of tools and resources are all anchored in Alberta context and can be immediately helpful to educators in our schools:

  1. Walking Together website for educators. This is a beautiful and richly developed website. A school staff could investigate this as a whole or in small groups similar to how you might do a book study.

  2. Provincial FNMI Professional Learning Project - Very well developed educator resource actively under development led by Solange Lalonde, supported by ARPDC

  3. Empowering the Spirit website from ARPDC with particular strategies on supporting literacy and numeracy learning for FNMI student

  4. Summary of direct and indirect references to residential schools in P of S

  5. Our Words, Our Ways - Alberta Ed publication

  6. ATA Walking Together - ATA resource - is undergoing regular revision. Includes many resources and access to workshops incorporating Blanket Exercise Scripts, TRC process and residential school content as well as Terminology and Elder protocols. Available online for free!

  7. Working Effectively with Aboriginal Peoples Canadian website with many direct links to important Albertan perspectives

  8. Impact of Residential Schools workshop facilitator’s guide

  9. Guiding Voices curriculum development tool on how to infuse FNMI perspective across the curriculum

  10. Sample Lesson Plans for Grade 1-9 English Language Arts, Fine Arts, Science and Social Studies.  Developed by Alberta Education.

  11. Once a school has done some work - or maybe at the outset - this is an excellent self-assessment tool linked to the ARPDC FNMI work

  12. Edmonton Public Schools 2007 Learn Alberta resource - Aboriginal literature connection This is being updated right now, but still includes valuable curricular links K-10.

Kairos Blanket Exercise

An experiental teaching tool for grades 4-12 and adults that helps participants understand the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

Blanket Exercise

Adult Scrolls

Youth Scrolls

Supporting Documents

Maps of Turtle Island,Treaties, Aboriginal Land Today: 

Long before the arrival of Europeans, Turtle Island (North America) was home to countless millions of First Nations Peoples, who lived in thousands of distinct societies. Source: Adapted from Olive P. Dickason, Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earlist Times (Toronto: McClelland & StewartInc., 1992)

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Canada, Aboriginal Peoples and Residential Schools: They Came for the Children: 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada is pleased to submit this Report on the history, purpose, operation and supervision of the residential school system, the effect and consequences of the system, and its ongoing legacy, as required by the Commission's mandate. Publishing this history as a part of its mandate to educate the Canadian public about residential schools and their place in Canadian history. 

View the Report


Questions and Answers: 

A created word document that can be used with staff to build knowledge on the history of the Aboriginal peoples.



Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future: Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was a commission like no other in Canada. Constituted and created by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, which settled the class actions, the Commission spent six years travelling to all parts of Canada to hear from the Aboriginal people who had been taken from their families as children, forcibly if necessary, and placed for much of their childhoods in residential schools. Read the summary of the discussion and findings contained in the Commission's final multi-volume report:

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