Using the Scanner Built Into Your Smart Phone.

Posted on Mar 24, 2021

Hey Horizon families!! Did you know that your Smart Phone has a scanner built right in! (Androids do too...we'll find instructions for those too!) Using your scanner will create a PDF document that is a much smaller file size than if you were to just take a picture of the document. Taking a picture of the document creates either a JPG or a PNG and the file size is usually quite large. We are finding that many of our new registrants are either using our online system or they are emailing in their documents. This is great, however, when doing this many are taking a photo of their child's birth certificate to send along and the file size is much too large for our secretaries to upload into our database. Since a birth certificate or citizenship card is usually just a single document the database is expecting a small document - less than 1.0 MB. Most photos are coming in around 4.0 MB and even when we try to compress the file it is still much too large. By using the scanner in your phone it creates a much smaller document and allows for easy uploading. This will also help your students with any assignments that they need to upload to their Google Classroom. A scanned assignment will upload much quicker than one that you have just took a photo of. So check this out!!! You may find this information very useful!!

Nicole Meier, Horizon's 2021 Edwin Parr Teacher Award Nominee!! Press Release - Milk River Capital Project