South Central Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association

Posted on May 20, 2020

South Central Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association

The SCAR Crime Watch Association is tremendously grateful to all the people serving our communities in essential services. Join us thanking these essential workers during COVID 19 in a variety of ways. The simplest and easiest way – just say thank you.

Our goal is to increase and strengthen crime prevention activities in the Municipal District of Taber, Town of Vauxhall, Village of Barnwell through broad citizen participation. Being a member does not take up a lot of your time, but goes a long way helping our RCMP detachment, while making the MD of Taber and area safer to live in.  The more members and signs throughout the municipalities, the more effective we are in stopping crime.

The right knowledge is the best way to protect your family and property.  Becoming aware and educating yourself on the current and emerging threats.  Be informed using reputable sources, such as your local RCMP or Rural Crime Watch Association.  We are here to help you, but we need you to join and become extra eyes and ears against crime.

There are a number of simple and successful steps you can implement right away to help keep your property safe.  Start by ensuring you, your family and employees learn about potential threats and how to recognize red flags. 

One way is by becoming a member of the South Central Alberta Rural Crime Watch Association.  Secondly, place one or more rural crime watch member signs on your property.  Sign up for the SCAR Notify system at

Rural crime is costing millions of dollars every year.  These cost, are not only reflected from property loss and increase insurance premiums, but lost production time, and the replacement and repairs to equipment.

For more information on becoming a member or getting involved on our board and/or committees, please email the SCAR Crime Watch Association at or contact our local RCMP detachment or the MD of Taber office. Click here for a SCARCWA registration form.


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