Reminder! Important Busing Updates

Posted on Aug 20, 2019
close up of front of school bus

Have you applied for Non-Designated Busing?  Here are some important dates to be aware of:

Students with a new Non-Designated application WILL NOT be transported when school begins on September 3rd.  You are responsible for transporting your child to school while the application is being reviewed. 

The review process for all new Non-Designated applications will begin on September 15th.  At this point, applications will be reviewed to ensure there is enough room on the bus prior to approval.  Please keep in mind that Non-Designated transportation is not guaranteed.

Horizon School Division’s Transportation Coordinator will contact each family by September 20th to let them know if the application has been approveddenied, or if the child has been placed on a waitlist.

Following that bus drivers will contact the approved students’ families to provide them with their pick-up time and location. 

Our goal is to have the approved students riding by no later than September 23-27.

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