Press Release - Milk River Capital Project

Posted on Mar 10, 2021

March 10, 2021
RE: Milk River Capital Project

The Board of Trustees of the Horizon School Division is pleased with the Government of Alberta’s March 10, 2021 capital announcement which includes a modernized early learning to gr. 12 school for the community of Milk River. The board is pleased that the government approved the board’s top priority in the Board’s three-year capital plan. The modernized school will replace Milk River Elementary School and Erle Rivers High School and allow the learning community to come together under one roof.

“On behalf of our current and future students, we thank Minister LaGrange and Alberta Education for this announcement and for investing in our students’ future. Today’s announcement is an exciting time for the families whose children attend school in Milk River. The division looks forward to commencing planning and the collaborate work that will move this project to completion and ultimately provide new dynamic learning spaces that support the learning needs of our students,” said Board Chair Marie Logan.

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