At Home Learning Update for Horizon Students

Posted on Aug 30, 2020

Thank you to families who have been in touch with us already before school starts about your homeschooling preferences. Horizon is able to accommodate a full time At Home Learning program for Kindergarten through Grade 12 designed, taught and evaluated by Horizon teachers. For families looking at a traditional home education plan, we can also be the host school division for your students' registration even when you are the one designing the program. 

Our new team for At Home Learning includes:

  • Meg Cahill, K-4
  • Chrystal Jensen, 5-9
  • Suzanne Finlayson, some 5-9 and ACE Place

All families already confirm for At Home Learning will have initial contact by one of these teachers by: Wednesday, Sept 2. 

For At-Home Learning:
An intake meeting and an initial activity/project will be provided for all at home learning students next week. Full-time, four core instruction will begin after the long weekend.

A Message from our Low German Mennonite Consultant Thank you North & Company!