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Extracurricular Athletics Covid-19 Update in Low German

Click here to listen to this message in Low German delivered by Tina Friesen, Low German Mennonite Consultant for the Horizon School Division.

On January 7, 2022, a COVID-19 update was provided. This update indicated that some extra-curricular events would be allowed to continue (e.g. extra-curricular school-based athletic practices and intra-school-based games), and that we would be suspending spectators during sporting events to reduce potential exposures to COVID-19. We also communicated that Inter-school games, competition, and tournaments would be suspended for a week to allow us to determine the extent of impact of Omicron.

That letter committed to a weekly review of the above decision. Currently, Horizon staff and student absences due to illness remain lower than normal for this time of year. As such, we will be allowing teams to engage in inter-school games, competition, and tournaments.

When athletic events take place within our schools, general spectators will not be allowed within the facility. However, each player will be allowed one (1) parent/guardian to enter the facility to watch the game. This will allow parents/guardians who drive their child to the school to not have to sit and wait in their vehicle while still allowing us to address social distancing and put practices in place to reduce the transmission of the Omicron variant. Note that young children will not be allowed to accompany this one parent/guardian, and the parent/guardian must always wear their mask while in the school.
The decision around practices, games, tournaments, and spectators will be continually reviewed and changes may be announced with little notice if case numbers escalate.

Our hope is that schools can maintain athletic activities as we strive to balance student wellbeing and the safety of students and staff given COVID.


Dr. Wilco Tymensen