Rapid Test Information from our Low German Mennonite Consultant

Posted on Jan 14, 2022

This is a short video from Benita Neufeld, Low German Mennonite Liaison for Prairie Rose Public Schools. She shares instructions on how to use the Rapid Antigen Test at home.


Please listen to this audio message from our Low German Mennonite Consultant, Tina Friesen, regarding Rapid Test. This message is in Low German for our School Community. When the link is clicked, the audio file will download and then can be played on your audio device.

Audio Message about Rapid Tests

Please also find an audio message from Tina Friesen translating the letter that went out to our families from the Superintendent, Wilco Tymensen, on January7, 2022, regarding rapid tests, masking, the return to school, and the Covid-19 checklist from Alberta Health Services.

Audio Message - Translation of letter from the Superintendent


Extracurricular Athletics Covid-19 Update in Low German Parent and Staff Letter - Covid-19 Checklist