September is Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Month

Posted on Sep 20, 2021

Hearing Like Me has written an article, “Deaf Awareness Month: 10 Things to Know About Being Deaf,” that provides information on things to know about individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, and also how to spread awareness regarding individuals who are D/HH. (Guth, 2020). The 10 things are listed below. Go to the website link for further explanation of each point, and more information.

10 Things to Know about Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

  1. If someone doesn’t respond to you, they most likely can’t hear you
  2. Every deaf person has their own preferred methods of communication and language
  3. Some deaf individuals may not identify as “Deaf”
    Read more: Celebrating the diversity of deafness
  4. Social situations and various environments may be different for deaf individuals
  5. No two deaf people are alike
  6. Deaf does NOT mean “dumb”
  7. Deaf people don’t often consider deafness as a disability
  8. Using hearing assistive technology is a personal choice
  9. Deafness is often invisible
  10. You don’t need to feel sorry for our deafness

Learn more about DHH!

  1. Try! - this resource has a huge ASL sign library to access as you create fun activities in a flash. Download these two items as a sample for FREE: Word Search & Signs for Deaf Awareness Month Monthly and annual memberships are available. Training to use is included!
  2. Sign language oriented courses - available starting January 2022
  3. DeafTEC has created a four-unit STEM awareness curriculum for secondary teachers to guide students who are DHH towards pursuing a career in STEM.
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