Province reestablishes State of Emergency

Posted on Sep 15, 2021

At 6:00 today (Thursday Sept 15), Premier Kenney and Dr. Hinshaw announced that Alberta was re-entering a Public Health Emergency. The Government of Alberta has announced that it is implementing new mandatory province wide restrictions.


Effective the start of the school day on September 16 the following measures will impact schools across Alberta.

  • Masking will be mandatory for all gr. 4-12 students plus staff in all grades while in the school building.
    • Masking for all students on school buses will remain in effect.
    • Masks will not be mandatory during Physical Education classes while students are engaged in sport.
  • Cohorting will be reintroduced at elementary schools
  • For school based physical activities
    • Masks and distancing are not required by youth under 18 while engaged in physical activity.
    • Outdoor activities can continue with no restrictions
    • Indoor sports, fitness, recreation, and performance activities are permitted in schools, with requirements to maintain 2 metre physical distancing where possible.
  • In the specific settings where a mask is required, anyone unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition will require a medical exception letter from an authorized health professional.
  • Isolation is still legally required for people who have COVID symptoms or tested positive
  • Quarantine is no longer legally required for close contacts of positive cases.


The province has scheduled meetings with school division leaders for September 16th to discuss the implications of these new measure and to provide further clarity.


Full details can be found at


We remain committed to timely and transparent communication and will follow up as information becomes available.

Please find enclosed a few clarifications provided by AB ED and AHS on Thursday September 16, 2021.


Mandatory masking for grades 4-12 students in all public areas and when gr. 4-12 students are interacting in groups. When gr. 4-12 students are working at their own workspaces, masks may be removed like in the 2020-2021 school year. 

·       Student masking is not required when kids are engaged in outside activities, or indoor physical activities.

·       Masks are not required for K-3 students


School facilities will continue to be available for youth (under 18) sport activities outside of school hours.

·       Spectator attendance is restricted to participants and their immediate family including siblings. Parents and their children, gr. 4-12, who are spectators must be masked and physically distanced (2 meters) from other spectators.

School community usage for Adult (over 18) Sport, Fitness, Recreation and Performance Activities are no longer permitted as per the new health restrictions.