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IC - School Attendance Areas
IE - Student Attendance
IEB - Entrance Age
IECB - International Students
IED - Independent Student
IFCH - Illicit Substances
IFCI - Threat Assessment Protocol
IFCJ - Weapons in Schools
IFCL - School Violence
IFGA - Interrogation/Search of Students and Seizure of Property
IFGA ATTACHMENT A -Interrog Search Seizure Report May 2 2013
IFGA Attachment B -Notice To Parents May 2 2013
IFGA ATTACHMENT C -Student Search Report May 2 2013
IFH - Formal Parent/Student Appeal
IG - Student Discipline
IGAA - Use Of Physical Restraints
IGD - Suspension And Expulsion Of Students
IHCCA - Communicable Diseases - Students
IHCD - Medication to Students/Medical Conditions
IHCE - Student Illness/Injury
IHCF - Supervision Of Students
IHCG Head Lice
IHCH - Student Accident Insurance
IHEB - Child Abuse and Neglect
IHF Welcoming Caring Respecful Safe Learning Environment
II - Student Awards And Scholarships
IKA - Student Fund Raising
IO - Student Records